Solving the Beta Woes: Introduction

Just as beta reading is a fairly new concept, beta reader management is unfamiliar to most people. When we built BetaBooks we set out to solve four major problems that every author running a beta has faced.

Some of these are problems that authors knew they had, but never realized there was an alternative. Some of these are problems authors didn't realize they had, but when we asked about it they said "oh yeah, that is a huge pain!"

To help everyone get the most out of BetaBooks, we've written a four-part series introducing the big Beta Woes and explaining how BetaBooks solves them. Here are the topics coming up:

Solving the Beta Woes

  1. Managing who has access to your manuscript.
  2. Delivering your book in a format everyone can read.
  3. Tracking readers and knowing where they're at.
  4. Collecting and organizing all your feedback.

We'll post each installment over the next few weeks, and will update this intro page with the links to each post. Until then, happy writing!

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