Solving the Beta Woes (Part 1): A safe way to share your manuscript

Today's post is part one of our four part series: Solving the Beta Woes.

Oh that first beta woe - deciding who to trust with your manuscript. This is something authors ask us about all the time. We get a lot of questions about whether BetaBooks is safe, and we're very happy to tell them yes.

The traditional way of running a beta is to email a document to a reader. There's nothing that leaves you with less control than that!

Once you email someone a digital document it is out in the wild. The recipient can read it and keep it private, or they could forward it to their entire address book, and you would have no idea.

BetaBooks lets you use email addresses to invite people you choose. They can't share a link, because BetaBooks will only allow authorized readers to view your content. They can’t accidentally forward your manuscript, or make a quick copy on their desktop for later reference. Your manuscript remains within your control while being accessible to those from whom you want feedback.

Bottom line: You know who has read your book and you know how much of it they have read.

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