will help you turn your readers into super-fans.

Whether you're drafting your novel live, collecting feedback on a beta, or launching an ARC, it's as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Safely share your manuscript.

Upload your book and enter your readers' email addresses. That's it! Readers get secure, private access you can revoke at any time, and you get to quit worrying about file formats and reader tech support.

2. Track your readers progress through the book.

You'll know exactly who is reading and how far they've read. Are they ripping through your beginning hook, or bailing on Chapter Two? You'll see readers' feedback chapter by chapter as they read, and you can even let them see each others comments if you want!

3. Engage your readers like never before.

Reply to comments and thank them for reading. Personally engage your readers at a scale you could never manage over email. Readers love the personal connection you'll build, and get invested in your success as an author.

When you invite your readers into your process, and build relationships with them along the way, they become the true believing super fans that spread word of mouth and accelerate your author career.

So what are you waiting for?

BetaBooks has too many features to list on one page, including private discussion groups for your readers, advanced feedback tracking with marking, sorting and filtering, and public signup links you can use as lead magnets.

If you've got questions, or just want to see a guided tour, please book a free consultation and we'll help you get started!


This app has revolutionized beta reading for me. I’m spreading the word.

Jane Steen, author of The House of Closed Doors series

I'm a full-time author so I don't have time to deal with things like managing dozens of Word documents with my beta readers. BetaBooks simplifies the entire process and saves me an enormous amount of time so I can actually focus on my writing.

Mike Kraus, author of The Final Dawn series

I was able to get feedback from three different people on three different stories last night. I could never have that kind of turnaround with email or even Google Docs. Each reader being able to login and see things queued up for them with exactly what I need done makes it a better flow for them and for me.

Kelli Fitzpatrick, author of The Sunwalkers.

BetaBooks has made the beta reading process so much easier on me and my readers. Your web app is one of those solutions which get me excited: clean, concise, and meant for the user! Thank you for your vision.

Markus McDowell, author of To and Fro Upon the Earth

I can't tell you guys how much BetaBooks has slipped into my daily life. I've never felt more "on top of" sorting through all this feedback, able to see the patterns I sensed present in feedback. I think y'all have changed my writing life for good!

JR Creaden, author of Forward Remorse

BetaBooks has been splendid so far, I've already gotten way more feedback than I expected and I love how it is all being tracked separately per reader, rather than in one enormous Google Doc or something. Well done!

Bill Powell, author of Your Awesome Memory

The Beta Books review tools are fantastic for managing such a tidal wave of feedback. The ability to quickly categorize feedback as To Do/Consider/Ignore, and the resulting ability to see what was important for any specific chapter, has made the hard slog of editing so much easier.

Carleton Chinner, author of The Hills of Mare Imbrium

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