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4 Things I've Learned Being a Writer on Social Media

I know you've heard it somewhere, at some point. “If you're going to be an author, you need a social media platform.” For a lot of writers like us who are introverted, the thought of tackling social media is daunting. If you've ever felt that pull of well, it could be neat, these are the biggest pieces of advice I wish I'd known going in.

Movies, TV, and Books

Covid-19 shut down every film set. Months have gone by with almost nothing new being filmed, and TV and cinema will be offering the least competition they have to other media in 60 years. This present an amazing opportunity for authors.

Interview with I. Dollar

Today I have the pleasure of introducing I. Dollar, aka Writer Mom, who wrote a very nice post about BetaBooks on Tumblr which has brought a lot of writers to our site. I reached out earlier this year to get to know her and learn about the Tumblr writers community, ...

Interview with Adam Cole

Adam Cole is an author, musician, and entrepreneur. I had the pleasure of speaking with him about his multi-faceted career, his outlook on making it in the arts, and his book, A Note Before Dying.

Keeping Motivated Right Now!

Day-to-day motivation has been an incredible struggle for me during lockdown. Every time I get a rhythm going and start gaining momentum I seem to go off the rails, and it is harder to get things lined up again each time. I figured I would share what I have been struggling with and the strategies I have used to try and manage.

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