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5 Reasons Now is the Best Time to be an Author

I can hear you objecting. “Oh, really?” you say? But yes. Yes. It is indeed the best time to be an author. The topic comes up from time to time so I figured I would give you all my top five reasons why this is true, even now. Reasons #1 ...

Interview with E.M. Graham

E.M. Graham is releasing An Errant Witch, the third in her Witch Kin Chronicles series. She talks about her love of travel, being a multi-genre writer, and her journey as an indie author.

How to Run a Beta Read

BetaBooks exists to help authors interact with both their beta readers and all the feedback their readers give them during the beta. But what is a beta read? When should you do it? How should you run it? And what is the point of doing one? Since that's what we're all about, I thought I'd take a moment to talk about it.

Interview with Rachel Saylor

Rachel Saylor is launching her memoir, Fire Diaries on April 25th. She shares about processing her grief through writing, and finding hope and connection after devastation.

Rejection: Get Ready to Embrace It!

Musicians and actors receive significant preparation from their communities and actual training for approaching and dealing with rejection. Authors seem to talk about it in vague terms and in a less systematic way, leaving them less prepared for its impact. While there are structural reasons actors, musicians, and even some fine artists have an easier time talking about and examining rejection, there are similarities across disciplines and lessons authors can learn about the systematic approach that other creatives use as they deal with rejection.

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