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The Value of a Traditional Publisher

In a recent post I took a pretty big swing at the marketing value of traditional publishers. I softened that by saying that I believe traditional publishers still provide a great deal of value to authors. I feel I should back that up, especially since betaing still has a stronger association with indie publishing.

Interview with Andrew Beattie

Today I'm excited to introduce to you Andrew Beattie, author of "Sleeping Around in America: Revisiting the Roadside Motel." Curious about the title? Read on to see how Andrew combines his love of motorcycles and historic motels to create a book that provides a unique perspective on the American road trip.

Who sells your book: Changes in traditional marketing

The idea that your publisher will handle your marketing is a pernicious and antiquated myth that can lead authors to believe there is a fundamental difference in the way a traditionally published author and an indie author should approach their marketing. But is it true? No! When it comes to marketing a book, there is no difference in approach. Authors must take charge of their own book’s marketing, regardless of how that book gets published.

Fun is Enough

If you are not careful, you can get the impression that writing books that are fun to read is a lesser goal, less challenging, or not artistic. That somehow escapism, enjoyment, and entertainment are not worthwhile pursuits for an artist. That really talented writers are not interested in fun (I ...

Determining your Book Reader Fit: How to get your book into the hands of readers it is perfect for.

This is post is a guide to help you identify your ideal readers and invite them to read (beta) your book. The purpose of this? Essentially to see if your book works. To give you confidence when you publish and market your book that it is achieving your goals. If you have read our How to Find Beta Reader’s post, this is its spiritual successor. It is informed by four years of helping authors beta, conducting interviews, and doing research. We call it Determining Book Reader Fit.

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