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Encouragement from San Francisco Writer's Conference

I just attended my third San Francisco Writer’s Conference last week. This was the first time Pam and I have worked a conference together and it was great. Her thoughts echo my own so well. I did notice one other thing that seemed different from past years though. This year ...

Three takeaways from San Francisco Writer's Conference

This was BetaBooks' third year at SF Writers, but it was my first. I learned a lot, both from attending presentations and just having conversations with other industry professionals, and especially with authors. Here are the three things I think you all should know: Authors control their own destinies, their ...
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Interview with best selling author Jean Oram

Today I have the pleasure of introducing to you all Jean Oram, the New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author of feel-good, tingle-inducing, heartwarming romances. She also happens to be a BetaBooks subscriber, so she said yes when I asked for an interview. Hooray! Read on to learn ...
How to find beta readers

How to Get Constructive Feedback on Your Writing

As the author of a book, you know all the answers. Why does the main character do this? And why does the antagonist do that? You can become “blinded by love” and usually miss spelling out some important details for the readers. Enlisting beta readers to help you could give ...

BetaBooks is now an ALLi Member

Hi everyone, I have a great piece of news to share with you: Today we were approved as a partner member of ALLi, the Alliance of Independent Authors ! Why is this important to us? Because many of you are Independent Authors! What is an independent author? Here's what ALLi ...

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