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Solving the Beta Woes (Part 4): Managing Feedback

Collecting feedback is the goal of every beta. BetaBooks reduces the friction of that process and make it easier for readers to comment. Authors tell us that they get more and better feedback on BetaBooks. We like to think this is due to two primary features...

Solving the Beta Woes (Part 3): Tracking Readers

Beta-ing your book should be fun, but most of us know that it often ends up being very stressful. A lot of that stress comes from uncertainty. When will people be done reading your manuscript? Have they even started? Is anyone reading this thing?

Solving the Beta Woes (Part 2): Delivering your book in a format everyone can read

If you are like the majority of authors we talk to, then you have had to reformat, resend, and otherwise provide extensive tech support to help readers open your book. You have probably had to do this at least once, and maybe a bunch of times, and it drives you crazy. It is especially maddening because we all know that it’s no one’s fault. It is simply a reality of the complicated digital world we live in.