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Understanding Sensitivity Readers

The New York Times ran an article today that discussed the increasingly important role of sensitivity readers in the writing process. This quote mostly sums up the article: Many [writers] are turning to sensitivity readers, who provide feedback on issues like race, religion, gender, sexuality, chronic illness and physical disabilities. ...

We have a podcast!

Paul and I have been cooking on this one for a little while, and it's now officially live. We're pleased to present our new podcast: How Authors Work . We've got the first two episodes online now, four more already recorded, and a half-dozen more interviews scheduled. The theme is ...

Looking to network? Try #CPMatch

Here's a really quick tip from Jess Creaden: Through prompt and pitch contests, games, chats, sprints, giveaways, sales, and reviews, writers of all ages and backgrounds flock to Twitter to share, connect, and learn. One of my favorite Twitter events is in just two days! #CPMatch comes this Friday, August ...

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