Solving the Beta Woes (Part 3): Tracking Readers

Today's post is part three of our four part series: Solving the Beta Woes.

Beta-ing your book should be fun, but most of us know that it often ends up being very stressful. A lot of that stress comes from uncertainty. When will people be done reading your manuscript? Have they even started? Is anyone reading this thing? 

BetaBooks removes this uncertainty, freeing you as an author to do your work. BetaBooks lets you know when a reader has accepted an invitation to read your book, and then lets you track how far along they are in your book. You can see exactly how far each person has read. If you have multiple drafts you can even see which one they have been working their way through.

Knowledge of what your readers are doing returns your agency, agency give you options for action, and taking action reduces stress. Even if no one is reading, knowing no one is reading lets you decide that you need to find more readers, extend your deadline, or simply nudge some folks.

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