Solving the Beta Woes (Part 2): Delivering your book in a format everyone can read

Today's post is part two of our four part series: Solving the Beta Woes.

If you work with beta readers, and no reader has ever had difficulty opening your files or asked for a different format, congratulations! You are the big winner (confetti cannon sound)!

If you are like the majority of authors we talk to, then you have had to reformat, resend, and otherwise provide extensive tech support to help readers open your book. You have probably had to do this at least once, and maybe a bunch of times, and it drives you crazy. It is especially maddening because we all know that it’s no one’s fault. It is simply a reality of the complicated digital world we live in.

BetaBooks takes care of that by delivering your book via the most universal medium available: the web. Anyone who knows how to click on a link can read your on BetaBooks. Even better, they can read from any device with a web browser (smart refrigerators included :D). If they have the technical knowledge needed to log in and check their email, or to open a word processor doc, they have all the know-how needed to use BetaBooks.

BetaBooks also optimizes your manuscript for mobile and tablet readers. This is particularly important because according to our user data, 85%-90% of readers will do at least some of their reading on a mobile device.

Finally, if for some reason you need to stop someone from reading your manuscript, BetaBooks lets you uninvite a reader. If you have sent them a pdf or doc they will have that file forever.

And if a reader still has difficulty, Andrew and I are here to answer technical questions so your time is saved for content questions.

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