NaNovember - Day 20

Andrew is tooling along on his Nano.

I have had to face myself in the mirror and admit that I have fallen behind to a shameful extent luckily there are peppermint Jojos at Trader Joes to help with that. I am not giving up and hope to get more progress made though I doubt I will hit the 50,000 markm or even the 30k I had decided in October I was going to shoot for. That being said it had thus far been very helpful in showing me how much I write during any given day.

If I had a total word count tracker for everything I write in a given day I wouldn't be surprised to find that I hit 10,000 words a couple times a week. I feel certain that an email I deem important in any way requires me to put down 3 or 4 times as many words as I end up sending what with rewriting and editing down.

I hope everyone elses' Nano is going swimmingly and you are breezing along to the finish line, the shape of your final act emerging.