Invitation Links are now available on all plans

Paul and I recently decided to make a change on BetaBooks that we wanted you all to know about. As of last Friday, Invitation Links are now included on every BetaBooks Plan, including the Free Trial.

What's an Invitation Link?

The Invitation Link feature lets you post a BetaBooks’ link anywhere you want. People who click the link will be prompted to enter their email address, and then BetaBooks will automatically email them an invitation to read. From that point on it works just like anyone else who you invite directly.

Why did we open it up to everyone?

The majority of the pro authors with large beta reader groups tell us that they found them by asking on social media, especially Twitter and Facebook.

A lot of new authors have told us they’re having trouble finding readers, and we want to make it easier to ask on social media, where you don’t already have someone’s email address. All our data shows that there are readers out there who will give you feedback if you are polite but persistent in asking people to read, following up, and treating readers as valued members of your audience.

Privacy and Content Reminder:

There's been some confusion around how people share content using BetaBooks, so we wanted to give a reminder on how things work, especially for folks who have recently signed up.

There is no public sharing of books or searchability inside of BetaBooks. Everything on the site is private to you and your readers that means that you are fully responsible for the content of your books.

Additionally, you are responsible for managing the relationship with the people reading your material including issues surrounding privacy, behavior towards you and your work, and behavior towards your other beta readers. We don't police book content, reader behavior or reader comments, it's up to you to manage that relationship, and the invitation link doesn't change that at all.

We hope you all enjoy using the Invitation Links and that it helps you build your audiences. If you have any questions or feedback for us please just shoot us an email at #.

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