BetaBooks is now an ALLi Member

Hi everyone, I have a great piece of news to share with you: Today we were approved as a partner member of ALLi, the Alliance of Independent Authors!

Why is this important to us?

Because many of you are Independent Authors! What is an independent author? Here's what ALLi has to say: 

Our members are the kind of authors who see themselves as the creative directors of their books and their author businesses, who consider trade publishing to be just one route to market, and who value creative and commercial independence. Those authors now best known as indie authors.

I am convinced that in the next few years all authors will qualify as at least partially indi as more and more authors choose to release at least some of their work on their own, even if they still publish other work traditionally.

What does this mean for us?

More visibility with ALLi members through being listed as an approved vendor. They had to check us out and make sure we were above board. We also get to add to add a cool ALLi seal of approval on our front page (to be added this weekend).

If you have not looked at ALLi and you are thinking about publishing on your own you really should. They are a great community that provide a lot of educational content. One of their greatest strengths though, is the community of authors there that are happy to help others.

Speaking of community, If you are members of any other author groups that you think we should know about, please tell us! There are so many groups out there, big and small, helping authors succeed, and we are always excited to learn about new ones. Reach out to us at to start a conversation!

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