BetaBooks 2020

Hi Everyone! I've been cheering and supporting behind the scenes since Andrew and Paul launched BetaBooks more than three years ago. After watching them build and steer the app, I’m thrilled to say that this year, they handed me the wheel. I’m now captaining this ship! We've got a lot of little changes planned, some visible, some not-so visible, some immediate, some more distant. But our course is charted.

Where are we headed?

For starters, we will engage much more with all of you. This includes a renewed and refreshed blog. I am so excited! We've got lots of great guest bloggers, interviews, promotions, and original content planned. We will also be reaching out to all of you over the next few months, getting a feel for how you use the app, what you love about it, and what we could do better, so be on the lookout for more communication from us in the near future.

This year (and in the years to come), we will hone our app to create the best beta tool an author or reader can use. We've seen many authors use their betas to find, create, and build their audiences then start publishing to great success. We want to make that happen for every author who finds us. 

Here's to 2020! 

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