The Beta Reader Pool

Would you like to get 10-20 readers to give your book a spin?

Consider submitting your book to The Beta Reader Pool, an opt-in group for enthusiastic readers looking for something new. We invite BetaBooks authors to submit their manuscripts for consideration once a month. From those submissions, we choose one or more books that we think our readers will really enjoy, and send them out to the list.

As of March 2017 the Reader Pool has more than 175 readers in it. Not every book is for every reader, but on average about thirty readers accept the invitation to read each book, and typically 12-15 will finish the entire book, leaving comments on each chapter as they go.

For Writers:

To be eligible for consideration, your entire manuscript must be posted on BetaBooks. When choosing a book, here are the things we look for:

  1. Clean, well-formatted, complete manuscripts. You should have proofread your manuscript at least once, so readers can focus on the story, not be distracted by tons of typos.
  2. A good story with a solid opening hook and an ending that resolves it. Our screeners won't necessarily read your entire book, but we place a lot of weight on the first and last chapter. We don't like sending out cliffhanger endings.
  3. Existing beta reader feedback. Lack of prior feedback doesn't disqualify you from consideration, but we strongly favor books that have already been beta'd at least once and received positive feedback.

How to Submit:

We are currently reviewing submissions for April, 2017.

The next submission deadline, for the May 2017 round, is Sunday, April 30, 2017.

When you're ready to submit, please email us with the name the book you want to submit, and what kind of feedback you're hoping to get from the reader pool.

If you're not already a BetaBooks author but you're interested in submitting to the pool, please apply to join the site.

What to Submit:

We're open to all genres, but our readers have expressed a lot of interest in Military, Detective, SciFi, and Romance novels. We do not currently consider Erotica for selection.

For Readers:

One of the things that makes the Beta Reader Pool special is that readers need to be personally invited by a BetaBooks Author. That means there's no direct way for you to sign up for the pool, but if you found this page you probably are already a reader for someone or know someone who is on the site.

If you've got a BetaBooks account, all you need to do to opt-in is go to your user profile and check the box labeled "Join the Beta Reader Pool."

Have Questions?

Please feel free to email us any time, we'll be happy to hear from you and will get back to you asap.

How did this come about?

BetaBooks is a small but growing community of more than eight hundred authors and their enthusiastic readers. As the community has grown, our awesome readers have sent us one request more than any other: "how can I read another great book?"

Everything on BetaBooks is private by design, so authors know that only people they've invited can read their book. But given the number of readers asking for the chance to meet a new author, and the desire of many authors to grow their audience, we felt there was an opportunity for us to do something to help. That's how the Beta Reader Pool came to be.

You can learn more about Andrew and Paul and how the site came to be on our About Page.